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[sticky post] Being trans

My whole life I have always thought of myself as a "tomboy" because thats what I was always told. When I was young I always wanted to be with the guys, I never really got along with the girls around me besides the ones on my soccer team. I went around the neighborhood with the guys. I wore long shorts, things guys would wear. I looked like a little boy. Which was socially okay until I hit puberty, then everything changed. I was no longer "normal" to dress like a guy. So I began dressing more like a girl but it felt awkward, like I wasn't like the other girls. Middle school was an awkward stage in my life. About a year into high school I began being who I wanted to be, dressed more like a guy but then I wondered why I could not get guys. I hated that I couldn't just be like the other girls. Why couldn't I just be normal. I began to not care as much and started to be more myself. During high I started to notice that I was finding girls attractive but I denied because I couldn't be gay, my parents would hate me if I was gay. But my second semester into college I found someone I felt I could really open up to that didn't know my past. I let myself open up to her like I hadn't to anyone before. I realized I was gay when I found that I was having feelings for her, broke up with my boyfriend at the time for no reason. I then came out as gay to all teammates and they took it way better than I thought. But then the hard part, telling my parents. I told my mom about what happened between me and the girl I liked in college but I could not bare to tell my dad. My mom did not know how to take she just keep saying she doesn't understand. But after that day she just pretended that nothing had happened. Things didn't work out with me and the girl but then I met someone else. It was getting serious so I knew I had to tell my parents. At first they didn't take it so well but over time they accepted it and now even have a good relationship with the same girl, my current girlfriend of over a year. But then it wasn't enough anymore to just be gay. I knew something was missing. and one day I was watching taboo and there was an episode about sex change and then it hit me that I had always wanted to be a guy. As I thought back to my childhood there were so many signs. But I denied it for a while but I have finally accepted it and have begun to tell my friends and family.

Transgender sticker

I custom made these stickers to help fund my transition if you are interested in buying you can get them at



Designed this sticker to help to fund my transition. Before I order them I would like to know your opinion. Let me know are they good enough to buy?
Watching becoming us. Anyone else?

New family members

Got three new babies to add to our lil family.

Upper left and the right are kings
Lower left is a corn snake!

Haven't figured out names yet


Got my first binder and packer yesterday! I ordered one of each online along with some harnesses but I also made my own at home because I was so excited I couldn't wait! Made the packer from condoms panty hose and hair gel. I made the binder from a women's thinner thing they wear to slim their waist! Can't wait to get my real ones tho!


Everyone out there should watch the documentary "Trans". It is very moving and inspiring!

First counseling appt

So today I made my first appointment with a counselor! I'm kinda nervous but also excited to get this whole thing going!!


So I was thinking a lot about my past and realizing that there were so many clues that I was transgender. I always was with the guys and even would take me shirt off with them cuz I just thought if they can do it I can too. Another thing I realized was you know when you and your girl friends used to ask what would you do if you were a guy for a day I would try to hind the fact that I had thought about that a lot and that I wished that everyday. Finally something that I just put together today was back when I was just hitting puberty and my breasts were coming in, before I knew what transgender even was, I tried to bind them down to see what it would be like without them. Some things in the past I thought were "normal" but now I realize they are things that make me different. They make me, me!